Thursday, November 19, 2009

The notion of mission in Karl Barth's ecclesiology

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About the book:

As the church moves towards its 21st century of existence, it is confronted by challenges it has never known before. Globalization, the rise of different socio-political orders and a growing tendency towards a post-modern understanding of the world are but some of the issues. This changing world demands self-reflection from the church. It has to consider its place, identity and function, thereby giving rise to the exploration of its mission.

In this book, the ecclesiology of Karl Barth is explored. By considering Barth’s understanding of the church’s relationship with different parties such as God, other religions, those outside the Christian faith, the State and its own inner dynamics, the church will be reminded of its missionary function in the world. The church’s relationships are important for they direct the way in which it fits into the world. When it considers that it exists purely because of God’s self-revelation, and that its own existence is an act of faith in response to this divine self-disclosure, it becomes aware of defined parameters within which the church can operate under the banner of mission.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What is a good life?: An introduction to Christian Ethics in 21st century Africa

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About the book:
What is a good life is a question asked by many people. Why can’t the pursuit of money, power or status provide us with a good life? Why is it that who we are as persons and how we relate to others and our environment is important? Why are a spiritual life and a close relationship with God essential? Why are the lives of some of those who claim to be Christians immoral and unappealing?

To become a person of integrity one has to learn how to differentiate between good and right conduct and senseless and damaging actions. This book does not provide all the answers, but it introduces various ethical problems and suggests how to deal with them.

The book offers a model of moral decision-making based on various ethical theories. The model is applied to contemporary ethical problems facing the world, particularly Africa. The issues of leadership, land, the marginalisation of women and children, HIV/AIDS, the environment, the economic problem of debt and the ethical role of the Church in Africa today are discussed.

Authors from various backgrounds who investigated current ethical issues suggest the way forward: how one can make thoughtful and practical ethical decisions; how individuals and communities could be morally formed. They challenge, inspire, motivate and equip the reader to become a moral agent in their community and help to build a better life for all.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

28 Days of Prayer during Financial crisis

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About the book:
I’m fairly sure that there is hardly a person alive who hasn’t, at some time or another, experienced the fear and pressure of not making ends meet! When you have more commitments than money it can leave you feeling helpless, overcome with worry, and unsure of your ability to provide for yourself and your family.
‘The wonderful news is that there is a sure and certain hope to lift you above these circumstances! As a minister who works in the ‘marketplace’ I have long sought after theologically credible and spiritually uplifting material to help persons who find themselves in financial crisis. This book of prayers and meditations by Rev. Dr. Wessel Bentley is just such a resource. In its pages you will find a rich resource of scriptural wisdom, spiritual insight, and probing reflections.
‘It is my sincere conviction that any person who takes the time to prayerfully go through these meditations will find both the necessary support and inspiration to rise above their financial struggles. This volume comes with my wholehearted endorsement – I would recommend it as a necessary resource for all Christians who seek God’s guidance and care during difficult times.

Rev. Dr. Dion Forster, Chaplain to the Power Group of Companies and the Global Day of Prayer

What are we thinking? Reflections on Church and Society by Southern African Methodists

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Edited by Drs. Dion Forster and Wessel Bentley

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About the book:

My enthusiasm for this book is fired by a number of factors. First, there is the variety of authors and topics. Second, the variety of topics reflects key points in our social, cultural, economic and political context. Third, there is a crying need to up-to-date books that relate the whole gospel to the whole world. Fourth, the book does not aim to indoctrinate us, but rather to challenge us to become thinking Christians in our own contexts. And while Christian readers of all denominations will be challenged and enriched by this book, a fifth reason for my enthusiasm is that it gives contemporary expression to the spirit of John Wesley. Not only were his interests wide ranging, as are the topics in this book, but he managed to develop that rate and precious mix of a theology that is simultaneously passionate and reasonable, both deeply spiritual and socially engaged. That is the excellent mix that this book also offers
- Rev Prof Dr Neville Richardson

Methodism in Southern Africa: A celebration of Wesleyan mission.

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Edited by Drs. Dion Forster and Wessel Bentley

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One cannot be a faithful Christian without being in mission! The question is, however, what is true mission? And more specifically what mission does God want you to do in your context? This book is a rich resource that will aid you to work out the answers to these critical questions. In its pages you will find challenging insights from our past, helping you to understand the unique and special mission focus that God has given to Southern African Methodists.