Monday, May 30, 2011

Praying through a child's illness: 28 days of prayer

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R80 (RSA)


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This book of prayer, insight, and support is written by a parent. He experienced shock,doubt, and helplessness when he discovered that his child was seriously ill. Here he does not offer simplistic answers but invites the reader to draw on the strength, love, presence, and wisdom of God. Wessel Bentley offers emotional and relational insights to assist those living with the daily pain of a sick and vulnerable child.
—Louise Kretzschmar
Professor of theological ethics, University of South Africa

As much as Wessel Bentley is a deep theologian, he is a loving, devoted, and downto-
earth father. He shares the reality of huge concerns and worries about his son’s
condition. He then guides parents with a child who is ill through a simple yet
effective 28-day prayer process. Readers learn how to allow God’s powerful, healing
presence to restore peace, faith, hope, and love into every situation and concern.
—Renny Stoltz
Glen Methodist Church, Pretoria, South Africa

The heartfelt questions posed by Rev. Bentley will resonate with parents, grandparents, and family members. Having lived through the experience of having a child who is very ill, Rev. Bentley speaks with authentic feeling and sensitivity.
—Roland Rink
Director, Africa Upper Room Ministries