Thursday, June 18, 2009

28 Days of Prayer during Financial crisis

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About the book:
I’m fairly sure that there is hardly a person alive who hasn’t, at some time or another, experienced the fear and pressure of not making ends meet! When you have more commitments than money it can leave you feeling helpless, overcome with worry, and unsure of your ability to provide for yourself and your family.
‘The wonderful news is that there is a sure and certain hope to lift you above these circumstances! As a minister who works in the ‘marketplace’ I have long sought after theologically credible and spiritually uplifting material to help persons who find themselves in financial crisis. This book of prayers and meditations by Rev. Dr. Wessel Bentley is just such a resource. In its pages you will find a rich resource of scriptural wisdom, spiritual insight, and probing reflections.
‘It is my sincere conviction that any person who takes the time to prayerfully go through these meditations will find both the necessary support and inspiration to rise above their financial struggles. This volume comes with my wholehearted endorsement – I would recommend it as a necessary resource for all Christians who seek God’s guidance and care during difficult times.

Rev. Dr. Dion Forster, Chaplain to the Power Group of Companies and the Global Day of Prayer

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